Tourist Information

If you head down west for any events, it’s always worth looking in on a few of the tourist attractions in the area, the south west has numerous well knows megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge, Avebury stone circle and West Kennett Long Barrow.  In addition it has many towns with a range of characters, these range from larger ones such as Swindon which has a huge town centre and outlet village for those who want to do some serious shopping, to quaint market towns such as Marlborough and Bradford on Avon with their traditional buildings and historical interest.

Just remember if you do stop off in Marlborough, that there is no specific tourist information centre there, so you will need to take a quick drive down the A4 to Avebury or make sure you do your research on the internet before leaving home.

Not far away is Salisbury, which is mainly known for it’s huge cathedral which houses many ancient tombs and military flags from days gone by, however probably the biggest tourist attraction in the region is Stonehenge, its sited just out of town and surrounded by burial mounds on top of the surrounding hills, it can be easily accessed by car or the organised coach trips which run hourly. The only down side is there is an exclusion zone all around it, so you can’t get very close to the stones, there is also a visitors centre there so you can learn all about the history of it there.

If you want to actually walk up and touch the stones, it’s worth stopping in on Avebury, whilst not as impressive by way of construction, it’s a massive site with a huge earthwork all around the outside.  It is so large that there are buildings inside the circle including a pub which also serves food. Just remember not to drink too much though as there is just one B&B here which is likely to be fully booked in the summer months, so you would need to get back to Marlborough to find a hotel with rooms available.

Wiltshire also has fantastic countryside and forests, with plenty of public footpaths available to walkers. Many of them pass the numerous white horses on the Wiltshire hills, just be aware that they are designed to look good from a distance so often look much better as you drive (or park up) past and see them, than actually standing on them.