Why You Should Hire a Web Designer

If you are like numerous companies who want to get noticed on the web, hiring a website design company is actually something that you ought to definitely think about. There tend to be many web site design companies available to select from, but how can you know which would be the best choice for you personally.

Below are some tips that will help you choose the best website designing company that will help attract the traffic you need to survive on the internet.  Having an online presence is all about volume; the more visitors you can get to your site the better.  The more visitors that you can get to stay at your site and actually make a purchase is great.  This cannot be achieved without a well-designed website, so it’s worth looking for a company like ECO SEO in Marlborough who do both design and optimisation.  So what to look for?

A Web Designer Should Have a Great Website of Their Own
Look for a company which has a well created site of the own. Any reputable website design firm will offer you a glance at their creative skill through making their very own site appealing to visitors. It doesn’t invariably need to be similar to the design you’re looking to produce, but ought to be done good enough to show that they’re a website design firm which knows what they’re doing.

If a web design firm’s own site leaves something to be desired, then this is probably not the firm you should choose to handle your company’s online presence or seo campaign.

Once you’ve narrowed down your alternatives do not hesitate to request references from each one of the firms you are looking at. This can help you see the type of business relationship and conversation that additional clients have observed. Also ask to determine a copy of the portfolio associated with other sites they have designed. This will help you to see firsthand the caliber of the work that the companies have performed. Many website design companies possess links for their portfolio by their own website; if you cannot seem to locate any home links on their site, request a summary of sites they have done work with.

Find a design company which will create your site from scratch rather than creating a website from a template. Websites which are created from scratch tend to be more user pleasant and attractive than websites which are designed from a template. Websites made from a template usually are apt to have the exact same basic design and frequently have exactly the same feel and look as additional sites created very much the same.

It is essential that your site represents your organization in the easiest way possible. Choosing a website design company which will create your website from scratch can help your web site stand strong apart from the rest of the sites on the web.

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These are just some of the things to consider in a website design company, always make sure to voice your own opinions of how you want your website to appear and never be satisfied with anything that you’re not 100% pleased with.

Wiltshires Monuments

As a tourist driving down the A34 if you blink you will miss it, but Amesbury is one of Wiltshires smaller towns which is rich in history. It is the closest town to Stonehenge, being just 2 miles away and also the home of Sarum Castle and Woodhenge.

Although nobody can be 100% specific, the monument is said to date back to around 3100 BC and was built in three stages over 2 millennia. Unfortunately due to previous damage the stones are now cordoned off, so although visitors are welcome, they are unable to actually touch and walk amongst the stones.

Initially Stonehenge was just a large earthwork, construction was approximately 3100 BC, at this time it was just an earthwork, made up of a ditch, mound and some holes in the ground, however it appears to have soon been abandoned and then left for around 1000 years. Then around 2150 BC the 82 blue stones were hauled to the site from Wales, they are said to have travelled for 240 miles both dragged overland on wooden rollers and floated down rivers on rafts, these stones were then erected on the site in a double (but incomplete) circle formation and the start of the avenue was also begun. At around 2000 BC the third phase sees the introduction of the enormous Sarsen stones, which most likely came from the Marlborough downs approximately 25 miles away, whilst they did not travel the same distance, some of these are estimated to weigh in at 50 tons! Finally around 1500 BC some of the smaller stones were re-arranged to create the formation we still see today.

Old Sarum Castle
Salisbury was not always where it now stands, Old Sarum is the original site with it’s impressive hill fort still standing. This was constructed by the Celts in the iron age and named Sorviadum, however it was taken by the romans and several roman roads converge on the site to this day. Parts of the Doomsday book were written at this site, only in 1219 when the bishop moved the cathedral to the current site of Salisbury did the emphasis begin to move. It is also a notable rotten borough, and numerous rich would buy the site to gain a seat in parliament. Now it is of course derelict but well maintained standing on the outskirts of Amesbury and one of wiltshires many tourist attractions.

Wood Henge
Only discovered in 1928 when excavated after being spotted by a military pilot as the flew over the site, one of the most impressive tourist attractions is wood henge, it  is one of the UK’s most recent significant discoveries. It’s 76 metres in diameter and probably used to consist of ditches, banks and wooden posts, most of this has now been lost but markers have now been put in their place.

If you are planning to visit the area it’s worth a look at the visit wiltshire website, they have information about all the local towns including Amesbury which is the closest, plus information on accommodation in Amesbury from hotels to B&B’s.

What Happens In Marlborough

The country market town of Marlborough has many attractions, from it’s many and varied shops and restaurants, to the local attractions and art galleries, however look a little deeper and you will begin to see that the town has much more to offer the average local or tourist than first meets the eye.

Golf is a particularly popular pastime, possibly due to the high number of retired people living in and around the area, there is a fantastic private course on the outskirts of town, which partly resides on the common, you can see it as you leave town towards Swindon.  A second course is a little further out to the west of town and yet another towards Devizes. Upavon has it’s own course too and they accept pay and play visitors.

The leisure centre boasts a wide range of facilities for a town of it’s size and includes a weight training room, swimming pool, sauna, steam room and a large sports hall with all the athletic equipment you would expect.

If you enjoy a spot of shooting Marlborough is right in shooting country, if like me you prefer to just shoot clays there are several clay shoots to visit, so you can really challenge yourself by not becoming too familiar with just one course.

The microlight centre is just past the Beckampton gallops on the right and flights can be booked for as little as £45 for a quick flight, this is a very popular activity during crop circle season, so if you come during the summer you are probably best to book in advance.

There are numerous B&B’s, guest houses and hotels in Marlborough and the surrounding villages, along with a wide range of restaurants and high quality local pubs. For some reason there is no Marlborough tourist information centre though, so you will either need to find what you need on the internet before you come, or pop in to Avebury, which is only about 4 miles away.