What Happens In Marlborough

The country market town of Marlborough has many attractions, from it’s many and varied shops and restaurants, to the local attractions and art galleries, however look a little deeper and you will begin to see that the town has much more to offer the average local or tourist than first meets the eye.

Golf is a particularly popular pastime, possibly due to the high number of retired people living in and around the area, there is a fantastic private course on the outskirts of town, which partly resides on the common, you can see it as you leave town towards Swindon.  A second course is a little further out to the west of town and yet another towards Devizes. Upavon has it’s own course too and they accept pay and play visitors.

The leisure centre boasts a wide range of facilities for a town of it’s size and includes a weight training room, swimming pool, sauna, steam room and a large sports hall with all the athletic equipment you would expect.

If you enjoy a spot of shooting Marlborough is right in shooting country, if like me you prefer to just shoot clays there are several clay shoots to visit, so you can really challenge yourself by not becoming too familiar with just one course.

The microlight centre is just past the Beckampton gallops on the right and flights can be booked for as little as £45 for a quick flight, this is a very popular activity during crop circle season, so if you come during the summer you are probably best to book in advance.

There are numerous B&B’s, guest houses and hotels in Marlborough and the surrounding villages, along with a wide range of restaurants and high quality local pubs. For some reason there is no Marlborough tourist information centre though, so you will either need to find what you need on the internet before you come, or pop in to Avebury, which is only about 4 miles away.