A Few Improvements

We are considering making some improvements over the course of the next 12 months, these are so far undecided, but we plan on providing easy access so will revolve around this theme.

One thing which would be nice is to have large patio style doors leading out to the garden, however they must not have a step on the outside, or a frame which needs to be stepped over. Obviously doors with this type of frame are out of the question from the outset, although we have realised that a small area of decking outside will avoid there being a step down, as a ramp and step could be incorporated once out on the decking.

The Doors

We have been looking at the multislide doors which have multiple panels which slide back on each other, or the bifold doors, which have multiple panels, but as opposed to sliding back, they concertina and can be folded the new doors could look like these onesback completely, providing the widest possible opening. A Door Company are coming in to have a look, as they offer both styles which we have in mind, plus some standard patio doors. The finish is not so important, i.e. wood, upvc etc, more the suitability for those with mobility issues.

The Kitchen

The next consideration needs to be the kitchen area, at present it’s a standard domestic kitchen which is in need of major refurbishment anyway. It would be ideal to have an area with lower counter tops to enable those in wheelchairs to at least access the tea and coffee making facilities, we could also have a toaster there with the fridge close by and a low level cupboard for all the necessary cups, sugar etc. It would be ideal to have a lower level wash basin too, but it depends if prices allow. If not, it’s possible to adapt and paint the existing kitchen, although this wouldn’t give us all the facilities we would ideally like, but would facilitate many of the limited catering requirements we demand of a kitchen and obviously make it look much better..


The last thing on the list is a bit of general TLC and redecoration, this would clearly have to be done last, as fitting the new doors will leave the door frames set into new plaster, so the decoration will need to follow having these fitted, hence having someone in to have a look sooner rather than later. Likewise if the tiles in the kitchen are to be removed prior to the main work commencing, then we need the redecoration to follow on after.

We are planning to shut down completely for 2 weeks for all the work to be completed, the idea being that if we can coordinate the work well, it will only take 2 weeks, but I suppose we will need to speak to the surveyors and find out how practical this will be.