Sage 50

One way in which the older generation seem to struggle with technology is in the adoption of new software products as they become available. Of course those within particular industries and have always used it do not fall into this category, there are after all many people of retirement age working in accountancy, construction and many other industries, where using software is part of the daily office tasks.

A good example being small to medium sized accountancy practices, it’s likely that the partners will be almost geriatric, however because they have used their accounting software and payroll software for many years they will feel comfortable with it’s use, the most popular of these being the popular Sage 50 Accounts range of software developed and available in the UK,  Sage 50, which is used by accounts departments throughout the UK is also an end user product used my many people running small businesses.

Likewise in the construction industry there are many contracts managers and Quantity Surveyors, who have worked for or even owned the company for many years and although are very close to retirement age, still play an active part in the business, as such they use a variety of software from email through to construction costing software and estimating packages.

Despite these exceptions there are a huge number of pensioners, who if they have computers at all, use them for a couple of basic tasks, such as keeping in touch with family abroad through email and skype, but never really look at the benefits that they could get by using the software which is likely already installed on their PC. It’s likely that training is the issue here, however the older generation are not easy to train and are therefore best studying in small groups or in one to one lessons, although cost can certainly be an issue, as if pensioners have to buy training for software they see no benefit in using, they simply wont.