An industry which seems to be evolving at quite a rapid rate is that of search engine optimisation and website design. Whilst those doing web design work seem to pop up and then vanish again in no time, the ones providing solid seo services are going from strength to strength.

The reason could be that most companies already have a web presence of some degree, many are already involved in e-commerce and many who aren’t are starting to feel that they may be to late to join.  The fact is that whichever camp you fall into, having your site optimised to appear high up in the search engine results is key to your websites success.

An example being a company who sells medical books about gerontology or geriatrics, they may have traditional shop outlets, but with discounted books being so widely available on the web it is likely that many people will do a Google search, compare a few prices and then make a purchase there and then (ironically, the exception to this is probably older people who don’t frequently shop online, predominantly due to security concerns)

this is where finding a good search engine optimisation company can be essential to your online success.  When an SEO company starts a new project, they will do extensive keyword research around your website and your competitors. Then they can start to optimise your website accordingly, this will involve many aspects of on- page and off-page factors, but all ultimately making sure that your website appears high up in the main search engines such as Bing and Google.

So back to our example of the online book store, they are likely to have an e-commerce solution in place, so site visitors can click on links to buy products, without this site being highly optimised, it is likely that it will not appear high up in the search engines, therefore not get clicked on, and of course this dramatically reduces the chances of someone making a payment.

So why are SEO companies still successful when web designers are closing down left right and centre? Simple, most business have a website already, but only now are many catching on to the fact that without it being optimised, they are never going to compete in the world wide online market place.

Since my original comment above, the older generation appear to be embracing technology more and more, there is even a campaign at the moment to get pensioners using the internet, so it could hep them if they start doing their shopping that way, no more heavy bags to carry home. Could this be the beginning of the grey online market expansion.