Gift Ideas

If you’re lucky, the happy couple whose nuptials you have been invited to will have registered somewhere for gifts.  This means they’ll have nipped around their local department store and zapped all the lovely things they’d like for their new life together.  But what if they haven’t?  Wedding gifts are very tricky to pitch right so this guide will help you choose something that’ll really bring a smile to their faces.

Make it Useful

You might be tempted by that patchwork wall hanging but how well will it be received?  It might not fit in with their décor and it certainly doesn’t serve any practical purpose.  You would be well-advised instead to choose something that will be really useful for their future.  A couple who have just started living together (admittedly this is less and less common these days) might need items for their kitchen.  You could choose them a super-snazzy bottle-opener that boasts extra gimmicks.  Or you could buy them a quality piece of kitchenware, such as Le Creuset, that they will use for years.

Are the newlyweds going on a honeymoon?  You could buy them a handy travel guide to their destination or perhaps a nice photo album or logbook so that they can record their trip to look back on for years to come.

Make it Individual

If you know the couple well, try to find something that really reflects some aspect of their personalities or life together.  If you go way back, how about pre-loading a digital photo frame with images detailing your friendship?  If you’re close, but not that close, have a think about their hobbies.  They might both enjoy wine so sign them up to a wine club.  Or perhaps they’re both really into cooking; you could buy them vouchers for cooking lessons. Remember that a professional wedding photographer will be present, so don’t get snapped giving something cheap!

Make it a Real Treat

When couples are planning their wedding, they can become pretty overwhelmed with how much they are spending so treats have to be shelved for a while.  You could use the gift-giving opportunity to buy them something with which they can spoil each other.  You could put together a basket of bath oils, lotions and scented candles so they can enjoy a pamper session after the hectic day is over.

If in Doubt, give them the Choice

Some people view vouchers as a bit of a cop out but most newlyweds will welcome cards pre-loaded with cash that they can go shopping with at their leisure.  There are now quite a few cards on the market that can be spent in various different outlets, giving the couple a wide choice of options.

Some couples these days are employing the ‘wishing well’ approach at their wedding.  With most couples already being set up in their homes, the list of items they need is quite small.  So instead, they tactfully ask for ‘contributions’ to either their honeymoon or their future in general.  This makes life easier for the guests but if you know the couple well, you may want to do something a little more personal.

Remember that a professional wedding photographer will be present at any wedding, they may not just do wedding photography but may also do portraits, so have a chat with the wedding photographer, you could get a good snap while you are there.