Promotional Mouse Mats

We are planning to have some mouse mats made up for the event next year. There are 2 trains of thought, the first being to have them pre-made and available as part of the literature which is usually handed out, although that may all be on CD next year. The pre-made option means we can get a better price, because as with most things the economies of scale really come into play with large orders, particularly when you are looking at a product with a low price to start with.

The second option, which I personally prefer is to have a standard background and then have an arrangement with a company who print bespoke mouse mats, so the background will be consistent, however delegates can add their own text or possibly even pictures online, then they will be delivered. Unfortunately this option will be significantly more expensive then pre-ordering, especially when you take individual postage into account. But of course a personalised mouse mat is a much nicer option.

We may be able to make some kind of arrangement with a supplier like vistaprint or mymousemat,  this could make it feasible mouse-matfor individuals to log into their website through a secure log on, add their own message or picture to a standard template and then save it, this could make it possible for the mouse mats to be delivered in a single batch eliminating the vast majority of the postage cost and possibly still give us a good price as a bulk purchase.

We welcome your feedback on this idea and urge you to get in touch with your thoughts and ideas. Also bear in mind that mouse mats are the idea we came up with, simply because it’s something which virtually everyone has on their desk, even if they use a laser mouse, so would keep the branding fresh in peoples minds. That being said we are open to suggestions and should a majority prefer pens or another promotional gift we are happy to change the plan, while we still have plenty of time to do so.