The Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is now open and offers a wide range of drinks. Despite being called the coffee shop (this is because the focus is gourmet coffee), but we also sell tea and herbal teas, sandwiches and a few hot snacks too.

The coffee we use does vary and we have a selection of different beans, however the key philosophy is to only sell to quality fairtrade. The beans are generally hand picked, this is the only way of guaranteeing that thy are picked at the optimum moment for processing, it also means that the local people are kept in work, as opposed to using mechanised systems.

Once the coffee beans have been extracted from their shells, the beans can be roasted, this is where a real skill comes in, if the roaster does not get this exactly right, it can impair the taste or gourmet coffeearoma of the coffee rendering it useless, or at best, only suitable for budget ranges, which we do not use.

Even once the gourmet coffee beans arrive with us, there is still much that we can do to enhance the flavours. Firstly the beans must be ground freshly, this prevents any oxidisation. Even filling the machine takes skill, if you pack the coffee too tightly it can come out far too strong, of course, the reverse is likely if too loose, it’s about getting the right flow of water through the coffee grounds.

All these elements are important for any type of coffee, be it a nice strong Espresso with a fine layer of bubbles on top (called crema), or an Americano which is simply a single or double shot of espresso with additional hot water, similar to filter coffee but with a richer depth of flavour. Finally we make the ladies favourite, the cappuccino, this again is made with espresso with frothed milk.

We only use the finest gourmet coffee from a supplier, who specialise in top notch coffee beans.

There is so much to learn about coffee, a great site is coffee geek, it’s been around for years and has a wealth of information about all aspects of drinking and preparing it.