I have an interest in seo and the elderly both due to pastimes, family and career, so am currently studying the grey market and their use of the internet overall but particularly with reference to on line buying habits and interaction with social media.

Whilst the initial interest was family related when an older family member got on line and even managed to have her own Facebook page, the interest became commercial when I discovered that she would do a 2 weekly shop at the supermarket on line, but not trust other e-commerce sites unless they had bricks and mortar premises too.

It seems that many geriatric surfers seem to have this opinion, so whilst there isĀ  a large amount of money being spent by them, it seems that a lot of this is still not through internet shops in general. That being said, it will be interesting to see how this changes over the years in relation to reduced mobility and familiarity with technology.

There have been a number of studies already conducted regarding silver surfers, however most information is becoming dated and not specific to the UK, so therefore not considering cultural differences between our respective retired grandparents.

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